Probably if you're reading this, I was killed. Slightly freaked out, this may present some errors and possible contradictions, because a mixture of emotions explodes as I write this. First of all, I wanted to apologize to anyone who needed to do the reconnaissance and see my hideous corpse. Sorry about that.
I also wanted to apologize to my mom because it must honestly be a miserable pain, even though I was the worst of the worst.
I can see very well, in my eyes: I am easy prey, stupid as hell, a whore. And I understand that they hate people like me and what happened was 100% my fault. I understand that society loves rapists and the like, I understand that you are much more shocked by the fact that a woman exercises her sexual freedom than she was killed, strangled, raped, quartered, tortured (as I probably was, if you are reading this).
I always had this notion, always always always. Every time I go out with a guy I think I'm going to be the next Black Dahlia, every time they give me hi, I realize that death has arrived. Because I know my essence as a stupid girl with no idea. For God's sake, no one ever thought I was smart or anything, stop lying.
Honestly, I tried to take care that was within my reach, but it is never enough, I will always be a BITCH. And I swear I tried to be on my guard because I know what happens to girls like me. Why didn’t you stopped being like that while there was time? Why didn't you become a good girl? Well, living is hell. And I prefer to live on my own fucking hell than this one that ... is subtly imposed. Honestly in life I never felt welcomed by anyone, not even by these Mongoloids who call themselves feminists, who must even be blaming me now too, thinking "She got what she deserves."
But do you believe that even though I was killed and suffered as hell in the process, I don't regret anything? At least I had a life. Better than being dead for a lifetime. I think if I had adjusted and settled down I would have slid a knife down my throat. I think I would die anyway. And that's fine because deep down that's what I want. But anyway, whoever killed me is going to jail. Probably before going out with my killer, I researched everything I could about his life and probably showed it to close friends. Ok, you may have eliminated this disgusting scum that is me, but I'm not going to let you mess with other women. Not because of idiotic sorority , but because… I don't know, I think women already suffer too much.
And for anyone who cares or has felt slightly bad for me, don't feel it. I'm happier now that I'm no longer part of this shitty world that loves to mistreat women who don't behave and idolize rapists. Anyway, I hope to be quiet in hell making jokes about the brutal way I was killed or just immersed in nothing, without existing anymore (for me, that would be ideal.)
I think in the end, I won. I won all of you. I'm in the statistics now. Statistics that just show how trashy you are. Well, to the other girls who were killed in the same way or worse than me ... I'm sorry. Hope y'all found peace. That's it, goodbye.